Images from Surry Hills, Sydney

A couple of months back, a friend was visiting from Hong Kong. I hadn’t seen him in a number of years. We went for breakfast at the iconic Bill’s Cafe (my first time) in Surry Hills. Even though I hadn’t seen him in ages, we were giggling like little kids.

There are a lot of the cool creative agencies located in Surry Hills.  So as you can imagine, it is a hub of creativity. I love the area. It’s an old working class suburb that feels alive,  imaginative and slightly bohemian. There are great restaurants and bars, interior design studios, art galleries and cool coffee shops where the beautiful people hang out.

So we went wandering around, taking snaps of the area and stopping for the odd cup of coffee.



13 thoughts on “Images from Surry Hills, Sydney

  1. Sounds like a fabulous night, I myself was a resident in for 6 yrs so there’s a lot which seems familiar in your happy snaps. It’s a shame it got so exxy though and I wonder if it’ll eventually loose the artsy crowd and become another paddington (not that it’s such a bad thing) Places evolve naturally over time.

    If you are in surry hills again, check out Porteno if you have a chance. Rockabilly style meets Argentina BBQ, truly fantastic!

  2. I enjoy your photos so much! I think it’s because we find the same quirky things so interesting. And “Ministry of Home Affairs”? Hysterical.

    • You know, I’ve realised that with a camera I notice and appreciate the small things that I wouldn’t even give a second to if I didn’t have a camera. Funny really.

      Minister of Home Affairs is the more diplomatic version. It’s normally Herr Capitan, followed by a clicking of the heels and Basil Fawlty funny walk!

      • lol! Oh, Herr Capitan is truly funny! And it IS amazing what a camera can do to your vision. I just love the quirky shop, the funny sign, the Brussels sprouts and lemons, the building shots…a wide array but you did them all with a great eye.

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