About me

I love food, mostly cooking it. I spend a lot of time cooking, for so many reasons. I try to make sure my two young kids grow up appreciating wholesome food. As a cancer survivor, food is one of the things I can do to hopefully make sure it doesn’t return. Food is central to bring my family together every day. And cooking taps into my creative side.

But here’s the thing. I want to do the right thing. But we (and my kids) are encouraged to eat the wrong things, through advertising and misleading marketing.  On top of that, scientists can’t agree what we should and should not be eating. And the media doesn’t help. In the same publication, we are told the benefits of fad diets, which then changes to another. We should go to extreme lengths to avoid carbs, sugar, fat and dairy. Fad diets are the way forward. And what’s more, we should be eating  like our ancestors from the neolithic period. No, I mean the Palaeolithic period…

It’s no wonder we’re all confused. And I’ve had enough of it.

I hope to give you a bit of clarity on some of the issues, highlight some of the worst offenders in food marketing, and give you some of my favourite recipes. I don’t shy away from including sugar or carbs or fat in my recipes. Everything in moderation and all cooked from the heart.

Drop me a line if these things frustrate you.

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