Pics of the Day: Maroubra sunset

To clear my head I went for a walk down to Maroubra beach. It’s a winter day, but it was a clear, crisp and unseasonably warm. With not many people around, the atmosphere was calming and slightly ethereal. Here are a couple of pics from my little sojourn. It was also my attempt to look professional. I took my tripod, which looked a bit silly with a micro four thirds camera plonked on the top. I hope you enjoy.

Kids playing

Maroubra at sunset


Images from Maroubra beach, Sydney

Maroubra cube

In my post, New Beginnings, you’d have seen that my family have moved to Maroubra (there are also a few extra pics in Slow cooked lamb shanks in Sangiovese). Maroubra is a beach suburb in the east of Sydney. Unlike Bondi and Coogee, it hasn’t been over-developed. It still has a slightly shabby and untouched feel, although I am not sure how long this will last. There is talk of development going on very soon.

So I’ve spent the last couple of weeks getting to know it a little better. I’m only starting out on this photography lark, so please excuse me if they are a little amateur (some of the photo blogs I visit are breathtaking and very inspirational). Comments/advice most welcome.

The Easter Show, Sydney

Having fun at the Easter Show

The Easter Show, an iconic event in Sydney that’s every parent’s nightmare. At it’s heart it is an agricultural show, but they’ve cleverly laid the site out so that all the rides and candy and goodie bags and all the fun stuff that has nothing to do with animals are situated at the entrance. Kids enter the grounds goggle eyed and overwhelmed by the cacophony of sirens and bells and flashing lights. And so begins pester power at its most powerful. The dollars disappear out of your pocket by the second.

I’ve avoided it for years, but the last two years I got free tickets from a good friend. And you know what? I’ve really enjoyed it every time. Yes, I eat my words.

My kids love it. And for that reason so do I. But I also love it because it’s a photographer’s paradise. There is so much to take.

Here’s my take on the Easter Show.

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